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The Most Effective Method Of Fighting Retail Theft?

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Retail security personnel. The presence of security personnel in your store has a wide range of benefits from theft prevention to the peace of mind of customers; security technology has come a long way in the past couple of decades and CCTV and access control solutions have saved businesses countless amounts of money but there is nothing that competes to having a set of eyes right on your shop floor watching what’s going on and ready to act in a flash, so how can security personnel benefit your business?

Let Thieves Know You’re Watching

CCTV is a vital part of most businesses in the 21st Century but it can only do so much, we’re all aware it’s there but sticky fingered opportunists still take the risk and they know that they’re not infallible. The presence of visible security staff proves there’s someone there ready to prevent crime the second it occurs, not when the thief is already half way home. Security staff are friendly and approachable and let your customers know that their safety and their best interests are being met.

Keeping Your Staff Safe

It is never advisable to confront a criminal if you haven’t had the proper training. Security guards are trained to deal with high pressure situations, they diffuse, detain and keep your staff and your customers safe. With their professionalism and expertise security personnel help ensure a safe and comforting work environment and a secure location for your customers to shop in peace.

They Provide A Well Trained Eye

Security personnel aren’t just on hand to prevent crime, when you’re working a busy shop floor your focus is firmly on the customer but your security staff have the freedom to assess safety risks, fire hazards, take care of lost children and put a stop to abusive behaviour so you can focus on what you do best.
Here at R & R Frontline Services Ltd we provide a wide array of security solutions so you don’t have to worry about risks to your business. Our highly professional and friendly security personnel have worked with first class designer clients and can bring the same dedication to you. If you are interested in exploring your security options get in touch today on 01865 712 222 or online and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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