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How Do Surveillance Cameras Help Prevent Crime

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Unfortunately, in today’s current age, terrorist threats are the number one reason for concern in many countries around the world, and now terrorism has been so ingrained in many people’s minds it’s hard to escape the feeling when you’re caught in a crowded space. causing them to panic with the slightest indication of attacks from criminals and terrorists.

Different types of security equipment and an increased amount of security personnel have been dispatched to survey for any types of vandalism, criminal or terrorist acts. One of the most popular types of security equipment that has been used to help stop and track down these criminals that pose threats to a number of businesses are CCTV (also known as closed circuit television systems). However, the question is: How do surveillance cameras help prevent crime?

Our security guards and security teams often get asked this, and there are a many number of ways that surveillance cameras help improve security, including the following:

1. Through public monitoring

Many CCTV camera systems are used in crowded public places for monitoring and surveillance purposes. The videos and footage that is recorded by these cameras are transmitted to a remote monitoring facility wherein security personnel such as our monitoring team view them. Monitoring a public area in this manner has been proven effective in reducing criminal activities and attacks. It has also helped the authorities obtain a better understanding of how crimes have been committed and just who the likely suspects of the offence are. CCTV can recognise potential risky situations in advance.

2. By deterring criminals

Especially in more public places such as shops and retail where day crime can be rife, security cameras, or even lots of visible camera signs, can be an excellent deterrent for shoplifters or other vandals. Whilst the cameras themselves are no longer much of a deterrent for criminals at night, since they often cover their faces, signage promoting that the premises are remotely monitored has been shown to work as an excellent deterrent.

When shoppers know that not only are cameras watching their every move, but security officers are too, they are less likely to indulge in taking away things without paying for them.

3. Through actually catching criminals

With a CCTV camera, such activities can easily be monitored while sitting in an enclosed room that provides a view from all the cameras installed throughout the property. A shoplifter for instance can quickly be caught and apprehended before making away with the stolen goods this way, and intruders can be caught until the police arrive on the scene.
In conclusion, the responsible and proper use of security CCTV systems has helped stop criminal and terrorist attacks aimed at public places. By using CCTV the right way, we can guarantee fewer cases of terrorist acts and loss of life.

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