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Main Duties of a Security Guard – What do our guards do for you?

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Various law enforcement agents are trained to offer security in different crime incidences. They are expected to respond or intervene in case of any form of violence. While this reactive approach works in various situations, the need for preventive measures has seen the rise of security guards for retail and event purposes. These are agents trained to deter crime and prevent risks as they watch out for danger in their surroundings and report any crime they find. This is considered as their main objective and all duties performed by the agents are aimed at achieving this goal.

police security safety guard protection

There are a number of duties performed by security guards in the prevention of crime. They include:

1. Being vigilant and aware of the environment

It should be the job of the security guard to keep watch for anything out of the ordinary. A guard is expected to be very vigilant, with the need for the intense use of the various senses: smelling, hearing, and sight. A guard should be able to give directions as soon as there is a change in the environment including unusual sounds, unexplainable smells, and even strange people around.

As a guard, one must be able to make the right judgments in every situation. One should be able to tell one they are being diverted from their main job. They should be able to put pieces of information together and make the right move. Any form of complications including sight issues, hearing or smelling would be an impediment to such a job.

2. Correct and timely response to situation

sensing a crisis or any strange happening is one side of a security guard’s job. It is also their job to act swiftly and take control of the situation. This calls for alertness at all time. The response taken varies with the situation at hand. The outcome of the situation is always directly affected by the time between initial signals and action being taken.

3. Be visible at all times

As a security guard, you must stand out and always remain visible. This is one of the primary deterrents to criminals. If a security guard is seen, most criminals will think twice about committing an offence.

body camera for security officer

4. Be observant and report accordingly

Even after a threat has been neutralised, it is important for a guard to keep observing. They must always report the situation to the supervisor, police or other relevant authority. This helps to mitigate future occurrences.

5. Maintaining order

Another important part of a security guard’s role is the responsibility to make sure crowds – in parties and religious or political gatherings – remain calm and controlled. They must always make sure there are no stampedes or any breaking of law and order.

6. Provide safety tips and warnings

As part of their job; security guards should help the authorities and establishment owners remain updated. With warning tips and other safety updates, relevant measures can be put in place to avert any danger.

security officers for safety

7. Performing special duties

From receiving guests to answering calls and other communications, security guards are tasked with handling other duties in their bid to keep everything in close check. These are side tasks from their primary role. They may be points of exposure if not on duty with another guard.

We hope you found this information useful – let us know what you’d like to learn more about, or what you found most interesting!

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