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How Neglecting Retail Security Could Cost Your Business Money!

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When you are running a retail store, whether it’s a small independent premises or a larger regional or national chain, your concerns and priorities of turnover, staff, stock, rent, customer conversion and countless others can cause security to take a bit of a back seat.

However, security is one of the most important factors in your business – it should be right up there with paying your quarterly rent bill or ensuring employee shifts are properly organised.

Our latest article here at R&R Frontline Services runs through just a handful of the ways in which poor security can cost your business money – in more ways than you may first think!

1. Increase Costs Due To Thefts
Without a sturdy and reliable security presence in store, in the form of loss prevention officers, you are more likely to suffer from increased theft by opportunists and ‘career criminals’ alike. No matter how much your may budget for breakages and faulty products, no business can last long when a steady stream of stock is leaving without passing through the tills first – and shoplifters will get greedier and greedier over time taking more expensive goods with each visit to your premises.

2. Deter Existing Staff; No Safety
Your staff may feel vulnerable, especially if there feel there’s no physical backup if irate customers start to get abusive or even violent. Employees who feel unsafe are far more likely to spend a great deal of time looking for another, safer, job, meaning that you will have a constant and never-ending stream of HR issues along with all your other worries!

3. Deter Potential Paying Customers
Honest paying customers will avoid stores and shops where there is a chance that they might have their purse stolen or pocket picked. Even if they are not direct targets of the thieves, they may feel uneasy about seeing incidences of theft. If this situation is allowed to get out of hand, you will find your sales dropping, while stock marches out of the door unabated and your insurance premiums rocket ever higher…

4. Vandalism & Criminal Damage
Another issue of not having a strong security presence is the possibility of theft and vandalism immediately outside the store. This can occur at all hours and your neat and tidy store premises may soon present a dismal and dingy front to the world, putting off even more customers than ever before – not to mention incurring repair and clean-up costs.

At R & R Frontline Services, we pride ourselves on taking the stress out of your security arrangements. All our security personnel are trained to not only be vigilant and professional as regards their work, but to be polite and courteous to your customers too. Not only can we keep your business safe during the day, providing a unfaltering force against opportunistic shoplifters, but we can patrol the area at night in order to spot any suspicious characters and prevent theft or vandalism.

Give us a call today and we will perform an on-site risk assessment, tailored around your specific business layout and neighbourhood. Our quote is free with no obligations for you to take it any further – but we think that you will come to love the safety net that we can provide for your growing business!

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