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Crime stats for 2017: Top Crime Trends

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In addition to the work we do every day, at R and R Frontline Services, we see a lot of crime take place and work hard to prevent it: from fights outside the clubs we work at, to preventing theft from businesses, understanding crime and current trends is as important for us as it is for our customers. As one of the top security companies in Oxford, we like to keep our finger on the pulse of current crime trends, so that we can also keep you, the customer, informed, so we’ve pulled out the top 4 trends from the official crime stats for 2017.

The Top Crime Trends for 2017

Over the last year, England and Wales have experienced a crime surge of up to 10 per cent, by far the largest in close to a decade. According to data released by the Office for National Statistics, for the year ending in March, close to five million offences have been recorded. This is an increase of about 500,000 crimes from a report of 2015/16.

But more staggering is the belief that the real figure could actually be double that, given the number of crimes such as cyber fraud that are currently going unreported. This huge jump is largely attributed to the increase of violence and the manner of crimes which are now reported. Despite most crimes being recorded in low volumes, an increase in high harm crimes such as homicides was noted.

It is worth noting, crime, by nature is genuinely unmeasurable and thus only subjected to the statistical projection based on factors dependent on human nature.

Violent crimes, albeit low in volume, have notably increased across the board, causing noteworthy damage and problems for businesses and homeowners alike.

  • There was 19 percent increase in sexual offences which translates to 129,700 reported cases.
  • Robberies increased by a 25 percent margin meaning 64,499 offences.
  • Knife crimes increased by 26%, indicative of 36998 cases.
  • 27% increase in guns and weapon crimes, with 6,696 in the last year.
  • 36 % increase in reports of stalking and harassment of individual which translated to a total of 243,086 recorded cases.

Below is an indication of the top trending crimes as reported by the ONS (Office for National Statistics) together with CSEW (Crime Survey for England and Wales):

1. Knife crimes

The police recorded 36,998 of these offences that included a blade or sharp instrument from June 2016-2017, a 26% increase compared to the earlier year (29,476) and the most astounding figure recorded since the year finishing March 2011. This suggests an increasing pattern of knife crime and this kind of violent behaviour, however knife offences were declining in the mid-2010s, so may hopefully not be an overall trend that will continue to increase.

2. Sexual offences

The quantity of sexual offences recorded by the police increased by 19% in in the most recent year finishing June 2017 (the year before noted up to 129,700 incidents). This is likely due to more incidents being reported to the police, as well as better accounting from the authorities.

3. Theft

Since the mid-1990s, both the CSEW and police recorded wrongdoing have demonstrated long haul decreases in many classes of burglary. In any case, police recorded burglary actually increased by 11% in the year finishing June 2017 vs. the earlier year, and has proceeded to continue to increase over the past two years. This incorporates each different class of robbery, including thievery (6%), vehicle-related burglary offences (17%), burglary from the individual (11%) and shoplifting (11%); of which the last isn’t secured by the CSEW.

4. Fraud

The most recent fraud figures demonstrate that extortion offences examined by the NFIB from Action Fraud, Cifas and UK Finance were very similar to the year before, but still showed a 4% increase. The offences recorded in England and Wales are now up to 653,468 offences from June 2016 to June 2017, continuing to creep up as they have already done over the five most recent years.

We hope these statistics were of interest, and if you wish to find out more you can view the original crimes report here.

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