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10 Event Security Tips for Keeping Guests Safe and Avoid Disaster

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Event security is perhaps one of the greatly discussed and hot topic over the recent years. Millions of People all over the world and from different continents attend numerous events on a daily basis. From conferences to trade fairs, from red-carpet events to weddings, ensuring there is a well laid out security plan brings in confidence and ease of mind to our contestants, family members, competitors, colleagues and celebrities.

A properly done security plan for major and minor events will not only guarantee safety to the attendees but also helps reduce the risks associated with the gathering, cost of insurance and avoid disaster. Some of the measures we can put in place to ensure maximum event security and avoid disaster include.

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1. Thorough screening of guests.

A proper guest screening goes a long way in ensuring that only the invited guests attend the event. It also helps in identifying them personally by going through their credentials and identity documents. These tips will help weed out the gate-crushers who might not even have an idea of what the event is all about and ones with bad intentions.

2. A clear list of guests and staff identity.

Having list of the staff and the expected guests helps weed out the gate-crushers from the event, it also assists the security staff in the screening process. The event staff should also be encouraged to know each other by names and report any suspicious persons.

3. Hiring a good and well-informed security expert.

The security expert you hire will determine what your event will turn out like. You are thus encouraged to pick the best expert from a list of well-renowned security analysts. Ensure the chosen security expert can handle a substantial number of people and has a high response rate to any all security issues that may arise from the event.

4. Prepare a security backup plan.

The security firm you might hire must seem to be just the perfect fit for your event, but you are always advised to have a Plan B in place, reason because you might not know the team intention. Some security may decide and have a perfect plan to fit your event for reasons well known to them, thus it is advisable that you let your security expert link you to your area police department.

5. Evaluate all the event functions, guests and structure before the event schedule date.

It is highly advisable that you let your chosen security expert know what the event will be about, kind and number of people who will attend, the location and structure, and the main key functions. This will enable the expert to thoroughly assess the risks and make a decision on what the security layout will be like.

6. Ensure all the attendees are aware of the entry frisking and rules.

It is highly advisable that you notify the guests about the searches that will be conducted on the event entrance. They also should be notified of what not to bring to the event, all this will reduce the breach of security by a big margin.

7. Ensure you have a safety budget in place.

Depending on the type of event, you are highly encouraged to direct some funds on security issues. Having a well-trained security team and police officers in your event gives ease of mind to the attendees and the company as well.

8. Engage your suppliers and staff team in the event planning.

In order to avoid disasters that may arise from the whole event, it’s advisable that you let all the staff and suppliers know what is required of them, for example, you wouldn’t want to attend an event where everyone will complain of food poisoning later. Ensuring that we engage the suppliers of all products and employees to go a long way in delivering a successful event.

9. Install Fire safety measures.

All events need to have fire safety measures in place, this will help reduce the risks of fire and combat it. It is advisable that you have fire extinguishers installed at your event and have a designated fire assembly point for all attendees.


10. Have a medical team in the event.

It is advisable that you hire an emergency response team that will attend to attendees in case of any medical issues that may arise. This move is highly encouraged for large events.

The security tips discussed above are just what you need to plan a successful event and lower disaster occurrences. The tips have been found to be of great help in event planning, with our event security services based in Banbury and the surrounding areas, we ensure to provide you with all the above 10 tips and more.


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